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Luxury Gift Vouchers


Christmas Gift Vouchers are now here!




Buying artwork for someone can be daunting, especially if you are not sure on what they would like. You can now purchase Made By Bee gift vouchers that come with original artwork tags! And a really pretty box if I do say so myself.

This gift wrapping is completely free with free UK delivery.

Themed Vouchers

Below you will see the different themes of the gift voucher boxes, the themes are: Christmas, Wedding, New Home and Birthday. The box is then dressed up to celebrate this occasion or you can choose the Original voucher if these are not appropriate.


In order to choose your box, please add which one you would like in the 'Add a note' section at checkout along with a short message if you would like to include this on the voucher.

If you have received a voucher please click below for some information!

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Christmas themed voucher, comes with gold snowflakes inside the box, and an original artwork tag on the outside. 




This voucher box contains elegant white feathers inside the box as well as a feather underneath the wax seal. Congratulations sticker on reverse of original artwork tag.


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This voucher box contains a vintage key and bell on the tag. New Home sticker on reverse of original artwork tag.



This voucher box contains confetti under the wax seal as well as confetti inside the box. Happy Birthday sticker on reverse of original artwork tag.

If you have received a voucher (YAY!)

Well this is fantastic! I am so happy that you have received a voucher for a bespoke piece of art! You would have received an original artwork tag which if you are not familiar with my art this is a small example of my style. All my pieces are finished with resin which gives it a lovely shiny finish. I create abstract art and clocks! Each piece I create is totally unique and can't be replicated. This means you will be the only person to have this exact piece of art! Take a look at my portfolio for some inspiration if you are stuck on colours, I am also able to help with some suggestions.


You may use your voucher to commission a bespoke peice of artwork or artwork clock to fit perfectly in your home or you may use this voucher to purchase artwork already on my website, please email me to do so -

Here is a breakdown of voucher prices and what size commission you are able to order 
£50 - a contribution to a commission
or artwork available to buy
£100 - 30cm round artwork or clock
£270 - 50cm round artwork or clock
£320 - 60cm round artwork or clock 

To use your voucher please email me with your REF number and we can get started in discussing how I can create the perfect peice for your home.

If you do go for a clock and you are worried about the tiking - all my clocks are silent and don't make a peep!