Bespoke Homeware,

Just For You

I create completely unique clocks and homeware products perfect for your home. Each piece is hand poured and made with love. 

You can order in any colours you like, I am able to offer help with colour choice and you can send me photos of the room it will be going in if you wanted some ideas. I love to embellish my artwork with gold leaf, I also have rose gold and silver too! I use metallic paints that create a beautiful shimmer that become more prominent depending on daylight which creates such a magical feel to your piece throughout the day. 

Current sizes for clocks
30cm, 50cm, 60cm

If you would like a larger bespoke size let me know and we can discuss!

If you want inspiration, take a look at my portfolio here.

Thanks for submitting!

All artwork has a resin finish.

Please note: These are all unique one of a kind artworks that can not be recreated again, this means that nobody else in the world will have the same piece of artwork that you do which makes your artwork even more special. 

This also means that if you see a piece you like, although not being able to directly replicate, I can however use the same colour palette and create your own bespoke piece of art in a very similar style! 

Give me a call or WhatsApp on 07731905499 or complete the contact form above if you are interested in a commission.

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